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Death and Our Response

In 2020, we've experienced  numerous  notable losses from family to friends, mentors, and celebrities.   We've heard phrases, "(Insert name here) was the glue that held the family together" or "So and So was the rock of the family." These statements made me think of some things:  We hold individual family members in high regard, especially elderly ones.  We get to witness why many loved ones used the mentioned phrases.  We think that a big part of us is gone and that the family would fall apart or no longer be the same.  There is a quote that struck a chord in me a few years back made by a minister, stating, "Although the person is no longer here, doesn't mean the work has gone with them."  Another simplistic quote came from a song lyric I've recently heard:  "You can bury the workmen, but the work will go on." What is said here is that the glue dries. The rock remains - it never left or rolled away (unless it was the rock from Ch
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Thanksgiving 2020

Despite the turn of events in 2020, there is much to be grateful for. This blog will be my testimony in a list of how God has kept our family during the year. There are possible descriptions included; if not, there's possibly a blog about it, too. I give all the glory to God, and I thank a dear friend for encouraging/challenging me to find things to be grateful for daily. Once I began that challenge, things changed. My heart is no longer heavy; my mind is clear, and my spirit refreshed.   The quick and healthy birth of my daughter: I was not aware, but according to my husband, my blood pressure dropped during labor, and I only received a partial epidural, but God kept my baby and me. My maternal grandmother visiting for the week after I came home from the hospital My son's love for his sister God's supernatural provision: Although my husband lost the majority of his gigs (he's a DJ), we never went without I continued to work, received a bonus and a generous raise.

Agape versus Phileo: A Testimony of Love

In January 2015, I fell into a snag with a relative who had posted a not so nice thing about his father (my late great-uncle) on social media. I stood up for my great-uncle, but I did not attack the relative. He informed me about how their history is "older than me," and he "was done" about it. The relative asked to drop the subject nicely, and I did (an example of being submissive). Another relative spoke with him (a relative who sees my great uncle almost daily), and she was more upset, understandably, but didn't attack him either. She offered to give him his contact information, but he went on a laundry list of "wrongs" about his father and began to get unreasonable, so it was left alone. It reminded me of how I felt about my father for 16 years. The anger I had -it wasn't pleasant. To make a long story short, I am my father's firstborn. My parents never married. They both had me young. My father wanted to be part of my life, but he also

In Christ, There is No Distinction

 Today is Election Day. Today decides the United States' future, between two imperfect men who want to (in their own perspectives/platforms), "Make America Great."  This year alone revealed some things in the mentioned individuals that make people doubt their vote's value.  The division that was magnified since the beginning of the pandemic that moved to racial tensions, then religious opinions, and political affiliations.  We have gone into a visceral attack on our very loved ones because they disagree with our beliefs, whether good or bad. ...Forgive us for we do not know what we do. I sat back, fighting off opinion. This was a very rough year because I felt bottled up and trapped because I wanted to say something, but there was a wall, a lump in my throat, to not speak.  One of the reasons is due to too many voices barking the same thing, but no echoes.  My heart is always to be a voice and not an echo. I believe it was the Holy Ghost constraining me until my heart

Depression is Real - So is Jesus

For years, I've battled with depression and suicidal thoughts until June 2014, my pastor made a spirit-led altar call for those who fight with those mentioned earlier, and I accepted the invitation. That day, I was delivered by the laying on of hands.  Since that Sunday, I claim victory over the spiritual oppression and give God the glory for it.  For years, I have continued to stand on that victory; then, in 2017, it tried to rear its ugly head.  It continued for over two years.  I was going through an oppressive season.  This season was so intense, and I recognized that I was reverting to from what God has pulled me out.   In 2019, I was in deep.  It was such a heavy burden upon me to the point my heart and mind were heavy.  I saw myself climbing out of a muddy hole while it was raining.  I would continue to scale this subliminal mire to slip and fall back down, but I didn't hit rock bottom.   I have been in prayer, asking God for help.  I almost thought I was doing something

A Letter to Grandma

Grandma, I miss you. Yesterday was my 38th birthday, the first birthday that I did not get to hear you singing "Happy Birthday" to me.  The first birthday that I didn't get some impartation of wisdom or blessing for another year.  I miss your laugh when you're talking to Ollie and trying to interpret his bashful mumbles over the phone. He asks about you a lot, you know. He found the birthday card with the meowing cats you gave him from his first birthday, and he holds onto that dearly, and he also made it a point to make sure I had it.  He amazes me. He is such a brilliant kid, but you knew that. I remember the photo I took of you holding him for the first time, and that quiet smile on your face is a smile I could imagine God giving when He sees something pleasing in His sight.  You provided that same look to Solstice when you visited us after we came home from the hospital in January.  These are things I will always have in my heart to remind myself that no matter wh

A Journey to Joy: Impatience is a Harvest Killer

 What are you waiting for - is it a change, relief, or as simple as a package in the mail? Does it seem as if it is taking forever, and you wish that someone would "get a move on already!?"  While you're waiting, how is your temperament until it comes?  Joyce Meyer said something so profound, and I try to remind my self of it daily: It is impressive how waiting determines our character.  This year has shown it's true colors, that is for sure!  In the thick of the time, what are we doing to exercise this trait?   During this pandemic, when things began to shut down and limit what we do daily (from in-person interactions to worship in our local church), I discovered what is lacking in my Christian walk: joy and patience. Those flaws went unchecked to the point I began to see disorder in other areas of my life. The biggest ones were my home and my job. Consumed in self-loathing, I failed to recognize the lack of the mind of Christ. It resulted in finding fault in others